Discovering the beauties of the Balkans is long but fun journey.

In my mind it always starts with Jason and the Argonauts and their quest for the golden fleece, over the 19th century’s Orient Express train that was operated from Paris to Istanbul via Munich, Vienne, Budapest and Belgrade and later on from London and Paris through countries such as Italy, Germany, Austro-Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece to the Istanbul connecting East and West. Agatha Christie wrote her famous novel ” Murder in the Orient Express ” inspired by that train route. Today, I can feel those journeys from the past with the version of trips from that route which has left to us, Balkan Express or Balkan Flexipass. It is for people who enjoy in traveling and sightseeing ( it takes two or three days to arrive and sometimes may be very frustrated ), but becouse of beautiful landscapes and good friends around, you forget about the all bad things. There is an option for passingers that are starting or continuing their journey to or from Budapest, Bratislava and Vienna to start their journey from there or you can travel by bus or airplane. Personally I like that ” Old ” way of traveling where you can sleep in the couchette compartments, go to toilet, take a stroll down the hallway and have a good time with friends. I use Balkan Flexipass that is valid once you start a journey 5, 10 or 15 days and you can travel through Bosnia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania and Turkey!

Through history this region gets its name from the Balkan Mountains (Serbs and Bulgarians call it Stara Planina ( Old Mountain ) which spreads through the central  Bulgaria into the eastern Serbia.

Discovering the beauty of the Balkan is impossible in short words. It is synergy of History, cultures and beautiful nature. Balkan peninsula in the west starts with rivers Krka ( Slovenia ) and Sava ( Croatia and Serbia ), Danube ( Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria ) and from the East is surrounded by Black sea, Aegean sea, Ionian and Adriatic sea where are Greece, European part of Turkey, Macedonia, Albania and Montenegro.
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